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St Mary’s supports & partners with groups, charities, and organisations across the globe as one family with each other.

Through our two main St Mary’s Global Partnerships at the moment, we are particularly partnering with friends in Uganda (Putuke) and India (Jawadhi Hills & Vellore), connecting together through the Seeds for Development charity in Shalford, and Sebs Projects India also with founding links in Shalford until recently.
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We are always keen to grow closer friendship and mutual support and learning with our global partnerships, and develop new global friends and connections…….if you have ideas please get in touch

Jawadhi Hills, Vellore, India
Sebs Projects India

Sebs Projects India was established with the vision of reaching out to the poorest and most vulnerable lives in India, and lighting them, one at a time.

Sebs Projects work to inspire people from all over the world to come together with the dream of creating a beautiful, more equal India, reaching out to the rural poor and marginalised, and striving to provide equal access to education, basic health and livelihoods for all.

Sebs Projects India

Putuke Village, Uganda
Seeds for Development

Seeds for Development supports very poor farming communities in northern Uganda. 100% of donations go directly to Uganda. Seeds for Development supports six communities in northern Uganda, including Putuke the village with special links to Shalford, helping them move towards a happier and more hopeful life where they eat regular meals, send their children to school, build new and safer homes and set up businesses.  They tell us what they need and we help them get it.With a focus on educationenablement and farming, we are helping people rebuild their lives, and develop resilient, self-sustainable communities, after a 20 year war that raged between the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army and Ugandan army. 

Seeds for Development

Global Connect

Details to follow shortly with news of other St Mary’s global links in Uganda, with the Guildford-Freiburg link, Knitting for Peace, and other international charities we support through events, fundraising, and prayer.

See also our Local Partnership Links …….here

Please help us support the work of these extraordinary charities

Parish of Shalford & Peasmarsh

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