Personal prayer – together and alone

Many wonderful prayer resources online. You can find here Church of England Prayers for Personal Use

Please visit St Mary’s church for your quiet prayer – visit anytime: St Mary’s is open every day all day (except in lockdowns), and is a peaceful, sacred space for all to pray, reflect, rest, meet God. You can light a prayer candle or pin a prayer to one of St Mary’s prayer boards (below) if you wish to too – you can find both in the lady chapel at St Mary’s Shalford.

Daily Morning Prayer together at St Mary’s: sometime in June we hope to resume daily morning prayer in St Mary’s lady chapel 8.30am Monday to Friday, as well as include at least weekly a live-stream from St Mary’s of Morning Prayer together – online on St Mary’s Facebook page live. A reading, short read reflection, prayers and space to pause.

Your prayer requests are hugely welcomed and we will include in Sunday or Morning Prayers, or just include in our personal prayers if you prefer. Please send your prayer requests via email, or posting into box in church, or asking directly a member of the clergy or parish team.

Prayer resources, prayer links, more opportunities to pray together, small fellowship groups, details for forming prayer triplets in the parish, and more…. to follow on this page soon.

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