Music & The Arts

St Mary’s Choir & Organ Director:

Please contact Liz van Eykenhof for all things relating to St Mary’s church choir, and if you are interested in joining our newly developing all ages ‘music band’, and if you wish to discuss Liz playing the piano or organ at your event.

St Mary’s Church Choir:

We are blessed at St Mary’s with an established, small, robed choir for our sung parish communion and other services. The choir meets for rehearsals every Thursday evening in St Mary’s 6-7pm, led by Liz. New members hugely welcome, and anybody who’d like to come along and try out the choir. Please contact Liz, email: Liz van Eykenhof

St Mary’s Music Band:

We currently have 3 young musicians (double bass, trumpet, sax, plus piano) at the core of our developing ‘music band’ at St Mary’s, playing once a month at one of our all age worship services. We would love to develop this new ‘band’ in the next few months – a great chance to come together and enjoy music-making with local friends, and leading hymns and songs in worship when possible. Please get in touch with Liz or Rev Sarah if you are at all interested – whatever your age, or standard, or however dusty the instrument you have in the back cupboard!

Shalford Choral Society

details & photo to come from Jenny……

Arts Exhibitions & Performance at St Mary’s

St Mary’s Church is a wonderful light, spacious, beautiful space for art, sculpture, performance, and other creative arts and exhibitions. We are keen to open this space for the visual and creative arts to be seen, enjoyed, and reflected on by all. Please get in touch with the vicar to discuss possibilities, we’d love to hear from you.

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