Shalford Big Community Stitch

Fabrics now dyed, dried, cut, and prepared….for you. Just pick up your little fabric square in history, stitcher’s guide sheet, and embroidery hoop from St Mary’s Church now – open every day.

What’s your personal image from this pandemic?

Can you create your personal pandemic image on a small square of fabric & contribute your square
for Shalford’s history? 

Pick up your square & hoop now from inside St Mary’s church, and drop back your completed square by end of April

Free – but if you can donate to help cover costs online here and mention Big Stitch, that would be fab!

Abigail Wastie is willing to run her wonderful fun, beginner’s, freestyle embroidery, 2hr zoom workshop just for us.
Only available date (Abigail’s baby arrives after soon!): Monday Feb 22nd 7.30-9.30pm, book urgently for a fab 2hrs!

Book & see more details of Workshop here! 

How to join in the
Big Community Stitch
in Shalford
& Peasmarsh

Just draw your personal pandemic image on the small coloured fabric square you’ll be provided with, stitch along your outline, and if you like stitch, fabric paint or appliqué (no glues) in more detail. And so create your own freestyle drawing or design with stitching – no experience needed. Only one rainbow image allowed – so email urgently if you wish to create the rainbow image square!

How to go about it: A little coloured fabric square (choose between red, purple, green, or gold/yellow, c.17cm square), and a 5” embroidery hoop, and basic instructions, will all be provided to pick up from St Mary’s church (donation towards costs of £3 or more would be wonderful! – donate online here and mention Big Stitch, or by cash in church wall donations box when pickup pack in St Mary’s). Then just find your own needle and embroidery threads, get stitching , and create your square in history! 

For any experienced stitchers there’s embroidery or cross stitch fabric to choose from. For non-stitchers and beginners choose the embroidery fabric and don’t worry, anything goes… just have a go and create what you feel.

Complete and deliver back your finished square by end April if possible (fine if later but let us know). We’ll then stitch everybody’s squares together to form the large Shalford & Peasmarsh community pandemic altar cloth, in St Mary’s for everybody to wonder at now and in decades to come.

Further information or any queries please just email here

Reminder of Special February 2hr Big Stitch Workshops:  For anybody who’d like a fun way to learn a few embroidery stitches and design ideas, textile artist Abigail can run her wonderful zoom 2hr workshop just for us. Details here, book now only Feb 22nd date left.

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