Join new small group Shalford – Mental health

Most of us seem to be struggling with our mental health, or struggling to understand or support others who are struggling with theirs, through huge challenges around and within us. Here’s a chance to get together with others locally to discuss the difficult stuff affecting so many of us. We hope to facilitate a small group or two of up to 10 people in Shalford & Peasmarsh (or beyond), on zoom to fit into everybody’s lives with childcare and other evening demands. Using the ‘Sanctuary Mental Health course’, presented by Professor John Swinton in Aberdeen and others in Canada, for our framework, each session will begin with a short film relating to a core area of mental health from social, psychological & theological perspectives. The film and notes help prompt discussion with others in your group, in whichever way the group wishes (and you can just join as an observer if you like too). We hope a group of adults, as well as a separate group for and led by young adults, might begin this autumn in Shalford & Peasmarsh. Please get in touch to find out more, or to sign up to give it a go and try out the course with us for future groups here too. It would be great if you’d like to join. Jill Lawrence, a qualified life and parenting coach in Shalford, is leading the adult group, with Theresa and Sarah. Please just contact Jill now if you’re interested:

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